About Lessons

As a private teacher I bring students an insight from the highest level while providing patient advice that is tailored to the needs of each student. No two students are alike, and therefore a different approach must be taken with each one. I specialize in giving the essential tools for my students to flourish while providing a love for music and maintaining high standards. I am also experienced at taking proven students and bringing them to a higher level, sometimes correcting problems that may have occurred during a previous learning process. I offer a balanced curriculum which includes repertoire, technique, theory, and performance. I believe that music is a cool and rewarding experience and that students deserve to experience it that way. I am well versed and experienced in many styles of music and I am excited to pass these on to my students as well.

I am an active member of local, state, and national professional musical organizations through which I offer opportunities for enrichment; both competitive and non-competitive.

  • The Introductory Lesson is always free so it can be seen if it is a good match.

  • Lessons will be at the student’s home, which I find beneficial to the comfort of learning.

  • Tuition: $30 per half hour lesson. A yearly cost of living increase may be added.

    Billed by monthly invoice; payable in advance.
    Make-up lessons will be scheduled as necessary.
    It is customary to give one month notice before lessons are terminated.

  • Materials: Music and materials will be added to the monthly invoice.

  • Activities: Fees will be added to the monthly invoice.

  • While I teach all levels, including, highly advanced students, a superior ability does not

    influence my decision to accept a student; even with beginners. The student just needs to have a keen interest, a supportive family and a general natural aptitude for the instrument.

  • In order to succeed and advance, students must commit to regular practice; with parental supervision as necessary.

  • The basics of piano playing start from the classical perspective, but as the student progresses, supplemental materials (pop, movie music, folk tunes, etc) are added. The use of technology is suggested and encouraged as appropriate.

  • Enrichment opportunities are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

About The Teacher

Sarah V. Black


Sarah Black has played piano since she was inspired by her mother as a young child growing up in Yazoo City, Mississippi.  She received her Bachelor of Music Education degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana and studied under world renowned musicians and educators.  They definitely inspired her to improve the lives of others through the use of music.  

Mrs. Black began teaching piano with her first studio location in Alexandria, Virginia and continued to Orlando, Florida prior to settling in Cypress, Texas in 1983.  In addition to teaching, Sarah has served as a pianist and organist, junior high and high school choral director, church music director, clinician and adjudicator.  She particularly enjoys working with children of all ages.

Sarah Black maintains active in musical organizations including Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association (CCMTA) and Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA).  Sarah is currently serving as the Recording Secretary for CCMTA and participates in numerous events throughout the year.  

Sarah lives in the Cypress area with her husband Jack.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, cooking and sewing.